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IGMA – Fabricator workshops coming to Canada

Fabricator workshop coming to Canada

January 31, 2017  By Margaret Webb

Last year, the IGMA held two fabricator workshops in Texas and Minnesota, where more than 80 practitioners from the IG industry were led through the most important aspects of fabricating and testing IG units by the experts of our industry.

The workshop features a balanced mix of classroom education along with hands-on demonstrations to discover best practices for cleaning, cutting and handling glass, desiccants, sealants, gas fill, frost point and much more. The reviews of the workshops were incredibly positive.

We are excited to announce we will be bringing the workshop to Canada Feb. 28 through March 2 at the Exova Test Facility in Mississauga, Ont. You are encouraged to register now before the class fills up. Modules include:

  • Glass Cutting and Washing (Bill Briese, Bill Lingnell)
  • Spacer and IG Fabrication (Richard Warren)
  • Sealants/Hot Melt Sealant (Mike Speicher, John Moroney)
  • Sealant Adhesion and Butterfly Test (Steve Altum, David Cooper)
  • Volatile Fog (Jeff Haberer)
  • Gas Filling and Measurement (Randi Ernst)
  • Desiccants and Desiccant Matrix (Shulin Chu, Brian White)
  • Forensic Investigation of IGU Failures (Bill Lingnell)

IGMA members will receive a discount on attendance. Act now to reserve your spot!


Fees for IGMA members are US $890 for the first attendee and US $805 for each additional attendee. Non-members pay US $990 for each attendee, but a registering non-member company will receive a 25 per cent refund on all workshop fees if they join IGMA.

One of the unique aspects of this program is the opportunity to get hands-on training from the experts. Attendees have been very enthusiastic about this because it connects the information to what they do everyday. Another common reaction has been great interest in the testing facilities where we hold the workshops.  Many attendees appreciate the chance to see the equipment and learn about the science of testing and evaluating insulating glass. For many, it has been their first look inside one of these facilities.

Each workshop has been expanded and that is no different for this latest one.  Spacer and IG fabrication have been added to this workshop plus the forensic investigation where participants will have the opportunity to work on real case studies.

During the Exova workshop, our subject matter experts will be piloting actual IG fabrication from component to gas filling to determine the best way to add this to future programs.

Enrollment is limited so that every participant has the “hands-on” experience plus one-on-one access to the subject matter experts.  This workshop sells out quickly.  This is the best training the industry has to offer so register now to secure your place.

Here are some of the comments from past attendees:

“The group of experts you had were awesome. They were very attentive, welcoming and helpful.”

“The hands-on portion was great. Being able to take what was learned in a presentation and then apply it to real life was really effective.”

“Hosting the event at a testing facility is excellent. While participants may see the IGU processes discussed at each of the stations every day, they don’t always get to see the testing methods and apparatus conducted from a third party.”

Margaret Webb is the executive director of the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association.

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