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IGMA: It’s business as usual following the decision to join AAMA

Change can be managed and I believe we are heading to a bright future.

September 24, 2019  By Margaret Webb

With the approval vote by the IGMA and AAMA members to combine to form the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA), what can the members of IGMA expect in the coming months? Business as usual is the answer.

With so much work done in advance of the joint member vote to set the fee schedule, the organizational structure, the bylaws and the governanceframework, the next quarter will be focused on implementing the plan to launch the new organization on Jan. 1, 2020.

While this is a new name for IGMA, all current activities have been retained. The committees for certification, technical services, emerging technologies and innovation and education and safety will all remain. The IG Fabricator Workshop will be maintained and glass research and the glass R&D fund will be managed by the Glass Products Council, so work will continue on our research activities such as the joint IGCC-IGMA Rapid Assessment Chamber and the ASTM E 2190 Field Correlation Study Pilot Program.

The executive leadership of both IGMA and AAMA reached out multiple times over the past year to solicit feedback from both memberships to determine the “must keep” activities for both groups. I believe we have successfully retained those activities – including standards development, product certification, research and development, education, trademarks and marketing activities – that are of great importance to the two memberships.


IGMA members and non-members can still order publications and participate in either of the two IG certification programs. IGMA member activities including task groups and research projects will still meet as always, working to develop industry standards and next-generation product support.

Some of the differences for IGMA members will be access to more information on Canadian and U.S. codes and standards so you will have the information you need to make solid business decisions for your company.  

Another change is that all members will be able to vote on Glass Product Council ballots should they choose to exercise these rights. Under the existing structure, only the rostered committees formerly vote on a ballot, so we look forward to having more input into the development of our premier industry standards and publications. Members will have more access to staff resources with the combined staff but still be able to work closely with IGMA’s familiar faces and expertise.

So, come Jan. 1, members should see a fluid transition to the new organization. The new FGIA branding will be launched and ready to go while maintaining the AAMA, IGMA and IGMAC trademarks and programs the industry counts on.

Change can sometimes be difficult, but in this day and age, change is inevitable.  By working diligently up front, over the past two years, IGMA and AAMA are managing this change to be as painless as possible for our members. There are no surprises. The new organization will be exactly as presented. It will be up to the members of the new organization to establish their culture within their product councils and for the new organization.

I encourage all IGMA members, come to the Annual Conference, scheduled next February in Fort Lauderdale, and put your individual stamp on the FGIA Glass Products Council. At IGMA, we have always looked to the members to set the direction of the organization and this is true of the new one as well.

It is an exciting time for the two organizations and our memberships. This is an opportunity to set the course, to develop the programs and activities that benefit your company.

The FGIA prospectus and the branding strategy video are posted to the IGMA Members Only portion of the website. If you haven’t had the opportunity to review these, I encourage you to do so. Change can be managed, and I believe we are headed to a bright future.

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