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HyAccess consumables now available for more Hypertherm systems

June 8, 2015  By Hypertherm

June 8, 2015 – Hypertherm is expanding availability of its HyAccess extended consumables to the Powermax65, Powermax85, and Powermax105, in addition to legacy Powermax and MAX systems with Duramax retrofit torches. Previously, the consumables were only available for Hypertherm Powermax30, Powermax30 XP, and Powermax45 air plasma systems.

“Since the introduction of HyAccess consumables last fall, we’ve heard from dozens of customers wanting to know if we could make HyAccess consumables available for higher amp Powermax systems,” said Brenda Mahoney, product marketing manager for Hypertherm’s torch and consumable team. “They were amazed by the opportunities these consumables opened up and excited to use HyAccess to cut and gouge thicker metal.”

Hypertherm’s patented HyAccess™ consumables extend three inches (76mm) longer than standard consumables for better visibility and accessibility when cutting or gouging in hard to reach areas or confined spaces. The improved visibility and access achieved with HyAccess eliminates the need for certain secondary operations or multiple cutting passes. Metal workers specializing in equipment and vehicle repair, structural work, and jobs requiring angular cutting or gouging now have a new tool to make hard work easier.

HyAccess consumables are available from all authorized Hypertherm distributors. The consumables are offered individually or as part of an all-in-one kit that includes two electrodes, two nozzles (one for cutting and one for gouging), a retaining cap, and swirl ring.


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