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Independent autoglass companies have a place to go!

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Independent autoglass companies in Ontario now have a place to go!

Go! Glass & Accessories is a franchise system that is offering the independent autoglass shops in Ontario the opportunity to band together in sharing common goals to grow their businesses.

“Our philosophy is that we are a group of independents working together to purchase product as inexpensively as possible while passing these savings on to our customers. This is the future of the glass business in Canada,” says vice-president and general manager, Steve Divell. Its first store opened in Kitchener, Ontario, in 1983 and began franchising in 2003. Since then it has grown to include 13 members in Ontario with one in Amherst, Nova Scotia.

Go! Glass & Accessories, headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, is a franchise of independent autoglass shops in Ontario that have banded together under one common banner to share knowledge and get greater purchasing power to pass on savings to customers.

Go! Glass was designed to put independent autoglass shops on an equal footing with the national franchise and corporate companies they compete with. They plan to do this by purchasing their glass and accessories from an independently owned and operated warehouse that results in a much lower cost for the end user. “We have noticed a steady increase in the number of autoglass replacement claims over the past few years. This is attributed to many things, including an increase in the number of vehicles on the road and the perceived value of a windshield,” explains Divell. “Go! Glass is an advocate for independent shops, helping them to get better pricing from supporting suppliers operating under the philosophy that a team of Canadian independent dealers are working under one national banner to deliver the best possible pricing on autoglass and truck accessories.”


However, there is more to this than securing better pricing as Go! Glass also advocates the use of proper products and windshield installation procedures by constantly disseminating information to members. For example, certain vehicles are made with electronics in the windshield for operating wiper sensors and antennas. These and other devices emit certain microwave currents that react to the urethane that is used to install and secure the windshield in place. “We have to pay close attention to this from a technical point of view and as a result, we continue to work with our suppliers to stay on top of the latest technology. This is the type of specialized knowledge we share with each other,” says Divell. “We are on top of this to help members ensure they are using the proper urethanes, sealants and cut-out tools. There are many steps when choosing products and suppliers that shops need to take into consideration,” he says.

Go! Glass has also developed a program called ‘Call Before You Claim’ to help consumers decide whether to place an insurance claim or not for their windshield. It has established strong relationships with some of the largest insurance companies in Canada that are dedicated to quality and service to ensure benefits for both insurers and their customers. As a preferred vendor, Go! Glass handles the paperwork and bills the insurance company directly.

Go! Glass & Accessories has established strong relations with selected vendors in Canada and they are working together to support its franchisees. “This is a great opportunity for independent autoglass companies to take their existing glass business to the next level,” says Divell. -end-

For more information, contact the company at: (877) 896-7038, e-mail to: or visit:

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