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Glass handling product showcase 2018

February 5, 2018  By Monica Dick

Lift it, tilt it and store is safely with these innovative handling solutions.

Multi-axis manipulation
The THOM 2200 telescopic handler outdoor manipulator is a fork-attached adapter to turn any telescopic handler into a remote controlled multi-axis glass manipulator.
The THOM 2200 has a 2,200-pound attachment capacity. Other sizes are available. Boom movements include 90 degrees up and 45 degrees down, in and out, tilt up and down, swivel left and right, and shift side to side. The THOM 2200 features Ergo’s EZ Pick feature and can rotate the workpiece. A double redundant vacuum system ensures safe handling. Especially useful for the rough terrain of job sites, the THOM is limited only by the height and capacity of the attached handler. The manipulator will grip any smooth material and operates independently of the handler by remote control.

Strong and precise
The GlassLift 680 mobile glass handler from GLG features unique handling safety and service characteristics. Three-dimensional manipulation of the glass is possible with the strong and precise head that allows for tilting in all directions. Users can approach the mounting area from any angle and adapt the load to fit. A powerful 335 ampere hour battery is standard with a lithium option that will fully charge in eight hours. the reliable hydrostatic drive with power steering makes the 680 very manoeuverable. Five-axis hydraulic operation means the load can be lifted straight up and down, rotated left and right, tilted forward and back, side loaded left and right or telescoped in and out. Load capacity is 1,499 pounds. The upper arm can mount objects up to 167 inches with precision and a bearing allows the arm to turn plus or minus 15 degrees. Twin front wheels and a hydraulic drive allow the 680 to operate in a wide variety of ground conditions.

Gentle tilting
Erdman tilt/tip equipment comes in handy if product requires a lift onto a work station or conveyor system. These machine create a safe, simple, and reliable way to transfer the largest, heaviest and most delicate workpieces. They are designed to fit into any line and will adapt to most conveyor systems. The specialty tilt/tip equipment eliminates lifting, significantly reducing the potential of back injuries and gently handles product.
No dents, scratches or marks!


Pick ‘em up, lay ‘em down
The window and glass manipulator from Kear Fabrication is the ideal solution to enable one employee to handle a job that would usually require two or more. Now glass fabricators can be assured that their investment is being handled quickly, efficiently and, most important, safely. Designed with the worker in mind, Kear manipulators can be fabricated to handle loads of more than 800 pounds and controls can be operated via radio or motion-activated. The head moves in a 340-degree circle with a brake that can only be released with the operator present. Swiftly move glass up, down, forward and reverse. It even has an option allowing the operator to pick partials up or lay them down horizontally.

Good for bent glass
Handling curved and bent glass has long been a challenge to manufacturers, fabricators and installers alike. Since 1964, Wood’s Powr-Grip has been making glass handling easier and less dangerous with hand-held vacuum cups, below-the-hook vacuum lifters and other high-quality products. A red-line indicator or available audio alarm on WPG hand cups alerts the user of any significant vacuum loss. Vacuum gauges with coloured zones on Powr-Grip vacuum lifters clearly indicate whether the vacuum is sufficient for lifting. A dual vacuum system is available on many WPG vacuum lifters to reduce the risk of falling glass. Indicator lights and warning buzzers signal when a vacuum lifter is ready to move glass.
Whether you are loading curved glass onto processing machinery in the factory, handling bent panes in the shop for fabrication operations, or installing curved glass products on job sites, Wood’s Powr-Grip makes the right equipment for handling curved or bent glass more easily and safely.

Portable cutting table
The CRL 2402498 cutting table is constructed of heavy-gauge steel, electrically welded and painted. The table combines a popular counter-balanced tilt top mechanism with a 12-port air flotation system to provide easy loading and movement of glass sheets. Smaller than standard tables, this six-by-eight-foot table is easily portable and provides a very small footprint when standing upright. The 2402498 air float system runs off 110-volt, 60-hertz single phase power. The table is shipped with a full smooth 3/4-inch particle board top, carpet and adhesive. Assembly required.

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