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GlasCurtain releases new family of products: ThermaFrame

June 27, 2022  By GlasCurtain

As you may already know, since GlasCurtain commercially launched in 2013, we’ve been steadily increasing our number of systems and their capabilities, ensuring that our fibreglass-framed curtain walls can be used on as many different building types as possible. Now, almost a decade after our launch, having accumulated a wide variety of different products, it’s time to simplify and clarify. So for 2022, we’re formally launching the next evolution of GlasCurtain: Thermaframe.

Thermaframe is an exciting new family of systems that, over the course of this year, we’re transitioning to replace our pre-existing “Therm” family of systems. By 2023, we expect to be fully moved over to Thermaframe. In this video, we take this opportunity to dig into Thermaframe a little bit more so that architects, designs, specifiers, and installers can know what to expect in the coming months and years from GlasCurtain. If you’re in the design stage of a high-performance institutional project now, you’ll want to include Thermaframe today!

Visit to learn more about the products. Thermaframe 7, Thermaframe 8, Thermaframe 9 PH.

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