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FGIA and NGA jointly publish technical review resource

June 3, 2024  By The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance

Close-up,Macro,View,Of,Window,Frame,Made,From,Pvc,WoodenPhoto courtesy of FGIA.

Photo courtesy of FGIA.

The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) and the National Glass Association (NGA) have published a joint updated technical resource, NGA/FGIA TB-1601, Guidelines for Use of Capillary Tubes.

This eight-page guide addresses the use of capillary tubes in insulating glass units, including proper manufacture and design, glazing methodologies, as well as advantages and disadvantages of their use.

“This is an excellent resource covering the use of capillary tubes. Everything from design guidance to glazing considerations,” said Aaron Thompson, principal research engineer at Viracon. “The volunteers comprising the task group have worked over the past two years to bring the material up to date and in line with expanded knowledge and use since its original publication in 2014.”

The resource further expands on environmental conditions, discussing how gas fill, temperature and pressure impact IGU behaviour.


“The use of capillary tubes in insulating glass units (IGUs) has long been established as a means to accommodate changes in elevation of an IGU from the point of IGU manufacture to the point of installation,” said Amy Becker, FGIA glass products specialist. “Such elevation changes create pressure differentials between the IGU cavity and the exterior environment that, unless alleviated, can cause glass deflection, excessive edge seal stress and glass breakage.”

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