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Ferro and Dip-Tech to showcase solutions for architectural glass at GlassBuild America

July 19, 2018  By Ferro

July 19, 2018 – Ferro, and its subsidiary Dip-Tech, will be exhibiting together at GlassBuild America 2018 in a joint booth #1833, September 12-14, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Powerful Solutions for Glass Decoration
As the largest annual gathering for the entire glass, window and door industries in North America, GlassBuild America, provides a premier opportunity for Ferro and Dip-Tech to showcase their extensive product offerings for the glass industry including inks, enamels, coatings, pastes, and printers.

Under the banner “Powerful Solutions for Glass Decoration”, the Ferro and Dip-Tech teams will showcase a complete solution for flat glass and added value products. Ferro and Dip-Tech experts will also be on hand to consult with glass processors and architects seeking advice on existing projects, best practice implementations, and market building.

Durable glass architecture and design with Ferro solutions
Visitors to booth #1833 will have the unique opportunity to see some of Ferro’s most innovative solutions for the flat glass market. These include Ferro’s patented Cermark laser marking materials – a unique technology that uses lasers to fuse marking materials to glass, metals, ceramics, and other surfaces. Organic spray coatings featuring numerous colors and unique metallic finishes will also be on display. In the performance materials field, Ferro will present Lust Reflex Reflective Coatings, a line of highly reflective, screen-printable, semi-mirror coatings. In addition, s1de ONE glass enamels in varied colors and formulations will be exhibited, including unique s1de ONE enamel for anti-bird collision.

Non-stop demos of Dip-Tech’s revolutionary NeraD printer
All show visitors are invited to witness Dip-Tech’s New Era Technology in digital ceramic glass printing in action – with continuous demos on the revolutionary NeraD printer throughout GlassBuild America show hours. Delivering premium quality results with extraordinary throughput, the NeraD is the ultimate solution for printing on the large glass plates necessary for architectural implementations.

NeraD highlights include up to 12 ink channels, print resolution up to 460 MDPS, high jetting frequency, variable drop size for exceptional image quality, an automatic fast color change system, and a fully integrated powerful inline dryer. For easier operations and reduced manpower, it has a simplified workflow and requires near-zero maintenance. It is available in different lengths ranging from 2.6 meters up to 18 meters. The one on display at GlassBuild America will be a NeraD 4-meter machine.

Exclusive evening event for customers, on September 12
On the first night of the show, Wednesday, September 12, 2018, Dip-Tech, and Ferro will be hosting an exclusive reception for customers, at an offsite location. Details of the event will be announced soon.

The Dip-Tech customers presenting in the panel are a small sample of Dip-Tech’s satisfied install base. Dip-Tech customers are busier than ever this year, constantly generating more digital glass print business, with the help of Dip-Tech’s dedicated partnership and comprehensive support.

“Dip-Tech has been instrumental in providing education to our Sales Representatives on the merits of the technology, which in return educates the architects, interior designers, and artists that we sought to target,” commented Leigh Berberian, Director of Marketing at WOON-TECH, a Massachusetts-based glass fabricator.

Shawn Hickman, a Decorative Glass Digital Designer at Standard Bent Glass (SBG) similarly credited Dip-Tech’s partnership for much of the company’s success in the digital glass printing space. “Our experience partnering with Dip-Tech has been wonderful,” he said. “From the extraordinary support both technical and graphically, to the exceptional performance of the inks for a variety of applications, Dip-Tech has helped SBG to service our customers’ specific needs.”

An eye on glasstec – A new frontier in digital glass print is on its way!
As Ferro, Dip-Tech and everyone in the industry gets ready for glasstec (October 23-26, 2018 in Dusseldorf, Germany), the buzz continues to build. In addition to showcasing new technology and solutions for the architecture, automotive, appliances and container glass markets, Dip-Tech will finally reveal its newly developed machine, live at glasstec.

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