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August 2, 2017  By Glass Canada staff

Benders, IG lines, edgers, coaters and more…

Versatile bending
Casso-Solar has introduced its large area single-station glass bending system for automotive and ballistic glass. The Nanuet, N.Y.,-based company offers a U.S.-built oversized glass bending oven that can process automotive, bus, train and ballistic glass products. The system offers drop-down door access to the cart interior. Both ring and full surface moulds are suitable. Top heaters are electric infrared with up to 50 zones of control depending on the products to be bent. Power is provided for bottom heaters or mould-mounted heaters as may be required. The full PLC control system with data logging is built to meet cUL/CSA and 575-600 volts in Canada.

Going vertical
The Erdman high-speed Dura line produces IG vertically in a fashion that nearly doubles the speed of traditional vertical lines. The Dura line, which was unveiled in Las Vegas in 2016, introduced vertical automation for the single-seal IG market. Vertical production eliminates the need to tip a unit up to four times in the production sequence, saving time, reducing injury potential, qualifying more operators for service and minimizing breakage. Total labour for the Dura high-speed line is three to four operators per 1,000 units per shift, versus eight to 10 operators per 1,000 units on a traditional line.  Increased speed comes along with other innovations and benefits such as reduced floor space, reduced worker effort and higher-quality product.

High-performance edging/beveling
Salem Flat Glass and Mirror, partnering with Bovone, has introduced the ELB 14/45 straight-line edging/beveling machine. The ELB 14/45 has the essential features and functionality necessary to optimize production for the customers’ benefit. This 14-cup-type wheel edger/beveler features a sturdy cast iron base and cutting-edge manufacturing solutions combined with high-end electronic components. The machine is designed to simultaneously produce precision flat edges and zero- to 45-degree miters, both of which are cerium polished, and possesses a two-wheel arris polish configuration. The ELB 14/45 features a working height of 895 millimeters and can process glass with thicknesses from three to 60 mm (optional 90 mm) and minimum glass size of 85-by-85 mm. The ELB 14/45 features a simple and well-engineered design.


Step up to industrial IG production
The B’Comfort IG line from Bystronic glass offers a solution for manufacturing of gas-filled insulating glass units at an excellent cost/performance ratio with proven Bystronic glass quality, including high productivity, compact system layout and numerous individual expansion levels. Working with the line is reliable, quick and precise while providing entry into the field of industrial insulating glass production. The B’Comfort offers an inexpensive way to quickly expand insulating glass production capacities. Up to 800 gas-filled insulating glass units can be produced in rectangles or shaped formats per shift. Included in the B’Comfort is the new sealer for continuous, automatic sealing of varying glass formats and dimensions. An excellent sealing quality is achieved due to the volume-controlled dosing system close to the nozzle. The corners are homogeneously sealed and the free access to the operator side leads to an easy glass off-loading.

Life in the fast lane
LiSEC has introduced a thermoplastic applicator line with a fast lane concept (a vertical lift-over system). Sheets which do not require a TPA application are led past the applicator head and are thus overtaking other ones. Only those sheets passing through the sealing plant are actually sealed. Thus, cycle times of 35 seconds are possible in case of standard triple insulating glass elements, a double insulating glass element needs only 24 seconds which corresponds to a capacity of approximately 100 elements per hour. This saves time and investment costs for a second applicator. The line runs fully automatically from the cutting (to size) to the stacking of the finished insulating glass units and is monitored and controlled by a control station. This method not only ensures a consistent process, it also ensures the sheets do not have to be handled manually during the process.That means less occupational accidents (cuts) and no defective sheets due to contamination. The line is designed so that only one operator is required to control the entire insulating glass line. The operator’s only responsibility is to monitor that the plants are running and to intervene in case of interruptions. Compared to conventional TPA plants, the new TPA line achieves 10 to 15 per cent efficiencies due to the faster cycle time and the minimal need for operators. LiSEC gave careful consideration to the line’s production process as well as the assembly, thus, the metal enclosure was designed smaller, in order to ensure easier handling, and the number of colours was reduced. The enhanced interaction of all integrated plants ensures the high speed and process quality. In the first step, the unloading of the harp racks is done sequentially by the automatic unloading station. Then, the sheets are run through the washing and drying plant and the quality scanner which checks them for their quality prior to assembly. The correct sorting of the sheets for the paired and tandem operation of the press is automatically taken over by the vertical lift-over system, a second transport route above the TPA plant. Here, sheets which do not need any TPA application are able to pass other ones. The elements are assembled and filled with gas in the press and after that they are finished in the sealing plant. Both the press as well as the sealing plant were specifically revised for the fast lane concept.

Easy integration
Glass fabricators can automate now and move production in-line with the X-Line, designed and built by EnduroShield. EnduroShield dramatically reduces cleaning time and protects glass against staining and etching. The new X-Line automatic coating machine is a vertical system that streamlines the application of EnduroShield, allowing scalability to any size of operation with easy line integration. The X-line offers the easy, clean, and low-maintenance glass treatment. Glass stays cleaner for longer and is protected against staining and etching as well as against cement slurry during construction. EnduroShield’s easy clean glass treatment comes with a manufacturer-backed 10-year performance warranty. The coating is sprayed onto the glass in factory and is ideal for all glass surfaces including shower glass, pool fencing, balustrades, windows, insulated glass units, acid-etched glass and sandblasted glass. The vertical system utilizes single piece in-line flow at high speeds with simple touchscreen controls. Online monitoring of performance metrics is possible. The machine size is customizable upon request and economically priced.

Custom options available
AXYZ Series CNC routers are available with an extensive choice of process areas, a variety of head and tooling configurations and a diverse combination of productivity options. They are suitable for use in many different application areas and for processing all types of woods, plastics and non-ferrous metals.  The AXYZ Series is suitable for one-off, small batch production as well as high volume and high productivity applications. Fully customizable systems are built to order for unique business requirements.  With process areas up to 128 inches wide by 50 feet long and beyond, AXYZ offers solutions to suit the exact application and budget. AXYZ Series machines can have one or two gantries fitted with single or twin heads and each head can accommodate multiple tools. Tools may be router spindles, knife tools, drills and more.

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