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Acoustic changes to the Ontario Building Code

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November 25, 2020

The Hamilton-Niagara Chapter will be holding an Webinar on ‘Acoustic Changes to the Ontario Building Code’, on
Wednesday, November 25th from 2PM – 3PM. This presentation will be hosted by Nicholas Sylvestre-Williams and
Kiyoshi Kuroiwa. The 2020 version of the OBC has introduced significant changes to the acoustics requirements for
construction, under Section 5.9 & 9.11. The previous 2012 code, simply put, requires walls to be meet a
Sound Transmission Class (STC) 50. The current changes introduce the concept of Apparent STC (ASTC).
This presentation will be focused on the new changes to the OBC pertaining to acoustics with an introduction
to the concepts of Transmission Loss, STC, and ASTC, and connecting these concepts to what the new code
brings and their impact on design and construction. In addition, the presentation will provide insight into
typical construction deficiencies that may impact the overall sound isolation performance.

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