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Ergo Robotic Solutions adds new models to product line-up

May 5, 2015  By Ergo Robotic Solutions

gm800-from-4-o-clock1Ergo Robotic Solutions, a manufacturer of glass handling and installation machines in Queensbury, NY, has added two new models to their product line-up: the GM 800 and the GM 1200. Built upon the popular workhorse design, the GM 2000-12, the new smaller machines deliver the same reliability, maneuverability and versatility of their larger counterpart in a smaller form factor with more affordable pricing.

The GM 800 has a lift capacity of 800 pounds and can lift a load to a height of 10 feet to the center of the lift hub. The GM 1200 has a lift capacity of 1200 pounds and can lift a load to a height of 11 feet. The standard powered articulations include three boom movements and both vertical and horizontal tilt. Optional add-on power articulations include lateral side shift, rotation, and "EZ Pick", an Ergo Robotic Solutions innovation for picking up and placing a load in one smooth movement.

Co-owner Jerry Nudi, in charge of sales and customer service, says "The benefits include more productive manpower, quicker installation, and the reduction of temporary equipment costs. The improved handling leads to less breakage and damage and an overall safer work site."

Co-owner Barton Knotts, in charge of design and execution, states "I build them solid, and they're very good at what they do. Depending on the job, the time and manpower savings along with eliminating lost time means that a machine can actually pay for itself on the first job, and that's a good thing. I don't think anyone else has put more machine into a smaller package yet."


"The GM 800 and GM 1200 have opened up new markets for us. Installation, manufacture, and fabrication shops are seeing the right benefits for the right price," says Nudi.

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