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EcoEnergy is back, for now

July 14, 2011  By Patrick Flannery

July 14, 2011 – The federal government has announced the revival of the EcoEnergy Retrofit – Homes program until March 31, 2012. There are new requirements for applicants and purchases made between April 1, 2011, and June 6, 2011, are not eligible.

The government has budgeted $400 million for the program. When the budget ceiling of $400 million in approved applications is reached, the program may be terminated "without notice," according to the Natural Resources website.

All homeowner applicants for EcoEnergy grants must now register directly with Natural Resources Canada by submitting an online form or calling 1-877-953-5454. Homeowners who have already had an energy audit done on their homes register as past participants, those who have not register as new participants.

Homeowners must now provide receipts to their energy advisors proving the materials and services they claim under the program were purchased after June 6 and before March 31, 2012.

The grant limit per household is $5,000. Homeowners who participated in the program before, but spent less than the full $5,000, can now use the remainder under the limit.

Homeowners can find energy advisors to audit their homes and sign off on their grant applications through a postal code search on the Natural Resources website. 

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