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Value of non-residential permits drops in December: StatsCan

The monthly total seasonally adjusted value of building permits in Canada decreased 7.3% in December to $10.3 billion.

Final schedule announced for 2023 FGIA Annual Conference

The final schedule has been released for the 2023 Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) Annual Conference, to be held in Coronado, CA, February 13-16, including several hands-on experiences for those participating on site.

At Top Glass: How embodied carbon could change everything

On April 19 at Top Glass, Canada's event for the architectural glass industry, Claudio Sacilotto will discuss the question of what happens when we take embodied carbon into account in our high-performance glazing designs.

Speakers for 2023 FGIA Annual Conference to cover commercial glazing, window innovation, glass safety and more

During the 2023 Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) Annual Conference, several expert speakers will discuss quality systems in commercial glazing, innovation in the windows industry, safe glass handling and processing and more.

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Premium Diamond Products for All Machines

Salem Fabrication Supplies is an industry leader in glass polishing and processing. We stand out with our methods of selecting, inspecting, testing and developing only the best offerings –including our full line of premium diamond products.

Salem offers tooling for all machines –any make or model. We have suggested tooling setups for most industry machines and can help you build custom tooling setups specific to your needs. Our tooling setups include exclusive diamond products, such as our SUPERIOR line of resin diamond cup wheels. These wheels feature a unique “S” pattern and are designed for the removal of interlayer when processing laminated glass –while also performing very well on monolithic glass.

Ask us about our tooling for Forvet machinery. We deliver the highest return for your tooling investment with high speeds and long life. Our XHS line of high-speed router bits is capable of speeds of up to 1 meter/minute and helps improve process times and production capabilities.

Contact Salem today to learn more about these exclusive offerings! GO BEYOND THE EDGE.

844.858.7444 | info@salemftg.com | www.SalemFTG.com

Salem Fabrication Supplies is a division of Salem Fabrication Technologies Group, Inc.

We Are 100% Employee Owned. » Learn more

Glass Talk Episode #44: 2022 in Review – Rich Porayko, Construction Creative

Glass Canada’s That’s Rich columnist, Rich Porayko, joins the podcast to look over some of the top stories from 2022 and engage in general industry gossip. Glass prices – should we be surprised? Embodied carbon – are we going to end up going back to monolithic? Contracts – who’s the dog and who’s the tail? Associations – what are they good for? And more. Happy New Year! » Listen now...

Shift Supervisor

Reporting to your manager, in this position you are a major asset in helping us achieve and maintain the level of safety, quality, productivity, performance and costs. » Learn more...

QC Line Inspector

A quality line inspector thoroughly examines material goods on the production line and either approves or rejects an item based on its final quality. » Learn more...

Woodworking Machinist

Belterra Corporation is an established, leading national provider of conveyor belting and material flow handling products, accessories, and solutions. » Learn more...


Top Glass    -    April 18, 2023

April 18, 2023 | International Centre, Mississauga, Ont. » Learn More