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Two hospital projects drive Q2 permit increase: StatCan

The total monthly value of building permits in Canada increased 6.1% in June to $11.6 billion, with a notable 67.2% monthly increase (+$619.3 million) in the institutional component. On a constant dollar basis (2012=100), the total value of building permits went up 7.0% to $6.8 billion.

A lot of geometry

A much-needed addition to the heart of Sudbury in northern Ontario, Place des Arts (now called Arts Square) has hosted over 125 shows and events attended by over 10,000 people since it opened in spring 2022. This centre of artistic and cultural excellence has garnered several awards, including one of the Rethinking the Future’s 2022 Architecture Construction and Design Awards.

Editorial: Your products are the Devil

In the coming world of embodied carbon, the commerical glass industry will face some stiff challenges.

That’s Rich: Embrace your momentum

Travel is just one of those things that I still get a thrill from. Well, either it’s excitement or OCD, but for one reason or another, leading up the time before I head out of town, I am the most efficient and effective person in the room.


Glass Talk Episode #52: What’s Next – Dawn Bloomer, Productive Pressure

When you look at the big picture for yourself and your business, what do you see? Dawn Bloomer is a business consultant who helps small business owners get out from under the day-to-day grind of putting out fires and fixing leaks to take a look at their goals and find ways to organize their businesses to meet them. She joins Glass Talk to offer some sage advice on issues like delegation, succession planning, strategic thinking, maximizing Episode value, effective hiring and planning for the future. Take Dawn’s advice and take an hour out of your day to hear what she ... » Read More...

Afternoon Shift General Labourer

he General Labourer, under the direction of the Shift Supervisor, will primarily be responsible for assisting the machine operator in producing product to fulfill customer orders. We have availability on our afternoon shift (3pm-2am, Monday-Thursday). » Learn more...

General Labour

BGM Metalworks Inc. is a busy custom fabrication and machine shop located in Kingston, Ontario offering build to print and custom solutions across a wide variety of industries. » Learn more...

Automotive Technician

We are a small but very busy and established growing company. We specialize in the big 3 diesel pickups; Cummins, Powerstroke and Duramax. All of our technicians are given the opportunity to go through special training to gain knowledge and ensure the highest quality of repair. » Learn more...