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About Us

A message from our sponsors

Salem Fabrication Supplies is an industry leader in glass polishing and processing. We provide expertise in all industry tooling, material handling, supplies and equipment, and our premium offerings cover every aspect of the glass fabrication process. Salem stands out from the rest in our methods of selecting, inspecting, testing and developing only the best products, and by having the knowledge to apply the optimal processes for these products.

Come see it all at GlassBuild in BOOTH #1931. Ask us about our exclusive Salem offerings including Diamond Products, Window Glass Products, Polishing Products and more!

Our line of Diamond Products includes our new and improved high-speed Thunder Cut core drills. These drills offer self-dressing capabilities and boast significantly reduced cycle times and 3x-4x the life expectancy of standard drills. Ask us about our other premium diamond products such as our Lightning Cut core drills, SUPERIOR diamond cup wheels and XHS high-speed router bits.

Our Window Glass Products line features cutting fluids approved by both Guardian and Vitro for use on all of their Low-E coatings. Our offerings also include dual-belt glass seamers and material handling equipment.

Our Polishing Products lineup showcases our best-in-class Vero and Status cerium polish wheels and cerium oxide compounds –Axion and XDS2. Ask us about our cup polishing wheels, edge-deletion wheels, felt wheels and more.

Glass fabricators, glaziers, IG/window manufacturers and more can all count on Salem for high-quality tooling, service and support to keep things running smoothly from beginning to end. Contact Salem today for information about our full line of tooling, supplies, equipment and material handling solutions. GO BEYOND THE EDGE.

844.858.7444 | info@salemftg.com | www.SalemFTG.com

Salem Fabrication Supplies is a division of Salem Fabrication Technologies Group, Inc.

We Are 100% Employee Owned.

Salem Fabrication Technologies Group, Inc.
5901 Gun Club Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27103
800.234.1982 | info@salemftg.com