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October 16, 2014  By glass Canada

Your clients get more demanding every year with door designs that push the envelope of the possible. Here is the gear that will help you meet their visions.

Your clients get more demanding every year with door designs that push
the envelope of the possible. Here is the gear that will help you meet
their visions.


Electric door strike
Camden Door Controls has released a new line of economical and rugged electric door strikes specifically designed for glass doors. 09 Series glass door strikes are compatible for use on single-swing glass doors 11.2 mm thick. There are 12 VDC, 24 VDC, failsafe, and fail-secure models. All glass door strikes are reversible for left- and right-handed doors and can be installed at the top or side of the door. 09 Series glass door strikes feature continuous-duty operation, 254-kg static strength, a 200,000-cycle life expectancy, a -15 to 40 C temperature rating and are backed by a three-year warranty. The strikes are part of an extensive line of market-leading electric strikes offered by Camden Door Controls, one of Canada’s leading independent manufacturers of door activation and locking products. Available through more than 300 stocking distributor locations across North America, Camden strike models include BHMA grade 1, 2 and 3 ANSI strikes, EZ Fit “no cut” strikes, preload strikes and rim exit strikes.


Attractive ladder pull
For elegant and secure glass entrances, Dorma offers Locking Ladder Pulls, a pair of tubular lockable pull handles with thumb turns made from the highest quality 316L-grade stainless steel – perfect for the toughest interior or exterior environments. Four lengths are available: 49, 60, 72, and 84 inches. They feature patented anti-break-in technology and steel dead-bolt locking on the reverse side of the key insertion. The anti-break-in technology conceals cylinder-fixing screws for additional security. Designed for rim and IC rim cylinders, Dorma Locking Ladder Pulls use seven-pin, large-format interchangeable cores for easy re-keying of handles. A floor socket is included. In addition to glass doors, fittings are available for aluminum, wood, PVC and mixed-material doors from 10 to 22 mm thick. Fittings for thicker doors are available on request.



Spread-spectrum fob
Camden Door Controls has just released a new line of Lazerpoint RF 915-megahertz spread-spectrum fobs. The compact and attractive one-, two- and four-button key fobs are the first in the market to be developed specifically for people with disabilities (ADA-compliant) and feature large, raised buttons that can be operated with a closed fist. An LED confirms button activation, as well as provides a low-battery alarm and an exclusive battery-test gauge. These fobs also offer incredibly long battery life, with over 115,000 activations using standard button-style lithium batteries. The remarkable CM-TXLFB base turns a key fob into a remote activation button that can be hand-held; mounted to a wall or under a desk using screws; clipped to a visor or belt with the metal clip supplied; or strapped to a wheelchair with the Velco strip supplied.  CM-TXLF key fobs snap in to the base, without the need for tools.


Suitable for radiation environments
Dorma introduces its new, lead-lined, full-metal cover for use with the Dorma 8900 and 8600 Series closers. Lead-lined covers are used in applications in radiology areas in hospitals, clinics, and dental facilities. The lead-lined cover can be painted or plated the same as a regular full-metal cover. Please allow an additional five-day lead time when ordering. The 8600 door-closer series is a non-handed surface-applied door closer with adjustable spring power and a backcheck positioning adjustment. It provides the flexibility needed to meet the many demands of commercial and institutional applications, including ADA barrier-free accessibility requirements. The modern, slim cover, flat form arm and architectural finishes provide the aesthetic qualities required of architectural grade closers. The 8600 Series is designed to provide a highly flexible door control system suitable for use on all hollow metal, aluminum and wood doors typically used in commercial construction. The 8600 Series door closer features a backcheck positioning adjustment for parallel arm applications to maintain an ANSI backcheck range similar to regular and top jamb applications. This door closer series, with it’s adjustable spring size 1-6, also meets barrier-free accessibility requirements.


ADA-compliant pulls
C.R. Laurence prides itself on engineering quality architectural solutions that aid architects, contractors, and installers create buildings that combine aesthetics with real world functionality. CRL understands the importance of effective operation for the end user, including individuals protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). C.R. Laurence’s new line of Locking Ladder Pulls for all-glass entrances takes the company’s trusted design and adds additional features that align with the A.D.A.’s requirements for more specialized and inclusive openings. The alloy 316 stainless steel Locking Ladder Pull product line features a smaller-diameter housing that gives it a contemporary minimalist aesthetic while providing enhanced, specially designed ADA-compliant thumb-turn mechanisms. The new designs feature fully concealed deadbolts complete with six- or seven-pin rim-type cylinders that are designed for easy re-keying or maintenance when necessary. The Locking Ladder Pulls are also designed to eliminate any bending or kneeling down to lock or unlock doors. They are readily available for immediate shipment in 48-, 60-, 72-, and 84-inch sizes to meet strict architectural project deadlines. Custom sizes up to 120 inches and/or fully compliant configurations are also available for special order. Staying with CRL’s commitment to maintaining the industry’s highest standards, the new line of Locking Ladder Pulls are thoroughly tested in the company’s ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities to 100,000 cycles to ensure long-term durability and operation.


Secure and flexible
E-primo electronic lock cylinders from Richelieu offer security and flexibility in one package. Designed to be easy to use, with no PC, software or wiring required, the E-primo cylinder works with user keys (such as media cards) that can be programmed directly on the E-primo cylinder. No wiring is required for installation. E-primo fits into the cylinder cutout where a conventional lock cylinder would be installed. The system enables flexible authorization assignment with user-key programming directly on the E-primo cylinder. It operates intuitively due to the central position of the reader unit. The rotary thumb turn on the outside is engaged by using authorized identification media, thus enabling the lock to be locked or released. The thumb turn’s ergonomic design is suitable for use on metal frame doors. Acoustic and visual feedback signals provide easy guidance for users.

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