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CRL develops low-profile threshold for Series 900 terrace doors

June 20, 2018  By CRL-U.S. Aluminum

June 20, 2018 – Accessibility is an important consideration in building design. To make specification easier for architects and designers, CRL-U.S. Aluminum—the leading manufacturer and supplier of architectural glazing systems—has engineered a 1/2″ low-profile threshold for its Series 900 Terrace Doors.

The low-profile threshold is exclusively for single outswing Series 900 Terrace Doors. The system meets Fair Housing Act accessibility standards, and virtually eliminates floor level protrusions to provide unobstructed passage for individuals using a cane, crutch, walker, or wheelchair. An optional 10″ bottom door rail is available to further enhance accessibility.

Despite the 1/2″ low profile threshold, Series 900 Terrace Doors deliver exceptional protection against invasive weather conditions. The doors are AW-PG 80-ATD AAMA rated, and have been ASTM E331 and E547 water tested. In addition, double weatherstripping within the doorframe mitigates air infiltration.

Series 900 Terrace Doors are equipped with several performance enhancements. For example, they’re thermally broken and incorporate 1″ insulating glass to minimize heat transfer. Four-point stainless steel locking devices for single doors maximize security and meet AAMA 1304 forced entry requirements.


“We’re proud to offer this upgrade to our popular Series 900 Terrace Doors because it promotes universal design initiatives that make buildings more inclusive and accessible,” said Jeff Ziesche, Brand Manager of CRL-U.S. Aluminum. “Providing system options that emphasize both performance and accessibility gives architects design flexibility and helps alleviate specification challenges.”

Series 900 Terrace Doors provide elegant, high-end aesthetics and are well suited for applications such as condominiums, high-rise residential, mixed-use developments, hotels, and resorts. Several configurations are available including:

  • Standard or Low-Profile Thresholds
  • Single or Double Doors (Inswing or Outswing)
  • Standard Five-Knuckle Hinges and Optional Adjustable Hinges
  • Impact Resistant and Acoustically-Rated Models
  • Multiple Door Handle Styles in Premium Finishes

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