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CME opposed to removing secret ballot rule for union certification in B.C.

April 7, 2022  By Patrick Flannery

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Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is concerned that removing the secret ballot vote from union certification will expose the process to intimidation and abuse.

“A secret ballot vote confirms a worker’s real opinion about joining a union. If they have at all felt intimidated either deliberately or even through unconscious peer pressure into making the decision, then the secret ballot is where they can feel safe expressing their true opinion,” said Andrew Wynn-Williams, Divisional Vice President for BC of CME.

“Our society has long recognized that a secret ballot is fundamental to any democratic process,” said Mr. Wynn-Williams. “Removing it undermines the freedom to make your own decision without feeling like someone is looking over your shoulder and judging that decision.”

CME is calling on the government to withdraw Bill 10 – the Labour Relations Code Amendment Act – to protect the democratic rights of all workers.



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