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CGA Newsletter – October 2007

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May 11, 2008  By CGA

The Canadian Glass Association brings news to the industry from coast-to-coast.

The Architectural Glass & Metal Contractors Association (AGMCA) updates readers about the progress it has recently made for the betterment of the glazing industry.

For some 20 plus unionized trades in Ontario’s ICI Construction Sector, labour negotiations have been the focus for the first six months of 2007. Under Ontario law since 1979, all Provincial Labour Agreements are three years in duration and expire on the same date of April 31. For most trades, including the unionized class industry, the negotiations process in 2007 has successfully been completed.

The AGMCA, is the Recognized Employer Bargaining Agency appointed by the Minister of Labour to represent all unionized contractors who are signatory and hire tradespersons who are glazier members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT).


For the AGMCA, the process started in the fall of 2006 when contractors were encouraged to participate by attending meetings, submitting suggestions, comments, as well as offering their time and input in preparation of employer proposals and in actual discussions within union negotiators. The association has been fortunate in having a steady team of industry practitioners from across the province and from a wide cross-section of the industry, who collectively give hundreds of hours to the overall process.

Results from the 2007 round of negotiations proved to be a fair and equitable agreement for the industry at large. AGMCA’s negotiated wage settlement was very similar to most other unionized sectors in that they were in the three percent per year bracket. Also included, was updated language reflecting changing industry practices, provincial legislation and a focus on improving apprenticeship training programs.

New regulation, new name for industry tradespersons: Architectural Glass and Metal Technician
The Ontario Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities is responsible for overseeing Regulated Construction Trades like the Glazier and Metal Mechanic. The Ministry has been very active these past six months organizing working groups of employer practitioners and tradespersons to update Trade Training Standards and the subsequent Provincial Training Curriculum. Further and in addition to those working groups, is the trade Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC). This Ministry appointed Committee advises the Minister on the trade and makes recommendations on regulations, curriculum and standard changes. The PAC has for the last few years worked hard to review, discuss and put forth changes to update the Trade Regulation 1058. The PAC had, in 2006, requested the Minister to consider a name change to Architectural Glass and Metal Technician, as well, ratio’s reflecting Journeypersons to apprentices, certificate renewals requirements and a request that the Minister consider making it a licensed compulsory trade.

Effective July 23, 2007, a new regulation came into affect to govern our tradespersons. Changes made under Ontario’s Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act (TQAA) encompassed needed changes that saw the Trade Regulation 1058 for Glazier and Metal Mechanic replaced with a new Regulation 331/07 ‘Architectural Glass and Metal Technician’.

The new Regulation is less burdensome and encompasses needed changes and updating of our industry scope and the addition of elements to reflect today’s industry practices.

The change of trade name was supported to assist the industry in promoting the trade within the school system and to others considering a career in Ontario’s Building Trades. Other changes of significance from the old to the new Act included changes in Ratios to that of two Journeypersons to one Apprentice.

The trade of ‘Architectural Glass and Metal Technician’ and its predecessor Glazier and Metal Mechanic is a Regulated Trade under the TQAA (Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act of Ontario).

To advise the Minister on the trade, industry representatives from Management and Labour are appointed by the Minister to serve on the Trades Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC). These volunteers deserve recognition for the many hours over many years dedicated to the promotion and maintenance of the Industry Apprenticeship Trade Standards and in-school curriculums.

There have been a number of volunteers over the last quarter century; however, these are the current representatives on the PAC representing the AGMCA.
• Joe Buck (PAC Chair), Merit Glass, Guelph, Ontario.
• Ted Clegg, Clegg Glass, Burlington, Ontario.
• Shawn McHale, Ottawa Valley Glass, Renfrew, Ontario.
• George Scullion, Millenium Glass, Toronto, Ontario.

Apprenticeship and Journeyperson training is a key to the ongoing development and maintenance of a healthy and progressive industry.

Compulsory Certification
Chris Bentley, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities recently announced the appointment of Tim Armstrong, Public Policy Advisor and past Deputy Labour Minister to review Compulsory Certification in the skilled trades. Compulsory Certification means that only certified skilled workers or registered apprentices can work in that trade. Our industry trade is regulated in Ontario and not a ‘Compulsory Certified Trade’.

The Architectural Glass & Metal Contractors Association and the Trades Provincial Advisory Committee to the Minister has, for some time, requested government to designate our trade as a Compulsory Certified Trade.
Tim Armstrong will study the implications of expanding Compulsory Certification, including such factors as health and safety, consumer protection and economic impact.

Revised Health and Safety Policy Program and Guide for glazier contractors
The AGMCA, in participation with organized Labour (IUPAT) and with the assistance of the Construction Safety Association of Ontario had in 2004 published a 60 page booklet for the Glazier Trade, available to its contractors and their tradespersons. The Health and Safety Policy Program and Guide has been designed to help glass and glazing contractors meet their responsibilities regarding health and safety policies and programs. The ‘Guide’ will complement a firm’s efforts to develop their employee programs in accordance with Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. Since its inception, it has been well received and is being used by many industry contractors.

Recently, the supply of booklets ran out. Prior to reprinting the booklet, the Construction Safety Association reviewed the 2004 text to ensure all material in the booklet was current and up-to-date. Minor changes were needed.

For the betterment of the industry at large, the AGMCA will provide the newly ‘Revised (2007) Guide’ free of charge. Contact the AGMCA by Phone (905) 420-7272, Fax (905) 420-7288 or E-mail,

Looking forward
The AGMCA continues to be busy in its participation directly and in concert with other industry stakeholders on common concerns. These may include matters that are of benefit to union and non-union interests. Some of these organizations include: the Council of Ontario Construction Association, Canadian Construction Association, Canadian Glass Association, Ontario Glass and Metal Association, various local area builders, Construction Safety Association, Construction Employers Coordinating Council of Ontario, Ontario Construction Secretariat and the Ontario General Contractors Association.

Of great interest to all of us in Ontario will be this fall’s provincial election. Results of this election can alter, erase or progress our industry’s efforts on a number of concerns and issues. end-

Dennis Haatvedt is the Canadian Glass Association (CGA) vice-president representing the Architectural Glass and Metal Contractors Association (AGMCA) in Ontario. Incorrect information appeared on page 16 of the CGA newsletter in the last issue. Glass Canada apologizes for the error. -end-

Gary Parsons, NCGA treasurer, and his daughter Kim Parsons cut a cheque for charity during the association’s 9th Annual Golf Tournament in August.

The National Capital Glass Association (NCGA) held its 2007 golf tournament in August. Eighty golfers participated in the NCGA’s 9th Annual Tournament which raised more than $3000 for the Bear 106.9 Children’s Fund. The NCGA has donated a total of $27,000 to this charity which helps ‘children in need’ throughout the Ottawa Valley since the golf tournament began.

The NCGA will celebrate the 10th anniversary of this popular tournament next year and glass professionals across the country are invited to help the association mark this milestone event. Contact Gary Parsons at (613) 247-4700, or -end-

Victoria Schifferns, execute director of the Glazing Contractors Association of British Columbia (GCABC) reports that: “On June 22nd the GCABC’s 16th Annual Golf Tournament was attended by a ‘sold out’ crowd. Following the golf tournament, the Industry Celebration dinner recognized Innis Harvey for his commitment to the British Columbia Glazing Industry by awarding him a Lifetime Membership in the GCABC.”

Apprenticeship Program
“The British Columbia Glazing Apprenticeship program is working hard to educate glaziers all over the province. We have been in discussion with training institutions on Vancouver Island and the interior to help us deal with the current waiting lists of individuals who want to continue their training towards their Red
Seal Certification.”

Seminar Calendar for 2007:
• Oct 12 – Energy Star Windows.
• Oct 18 – Member Meeting.
• Nov 15 – Annual General Meeting and State of the Industry Report.

What’s new?
“GCABC is working on an updated version of the Glazing Systems Specifications Manual for 2008.
The new release will include an easy to use CD for copy and pasting Specs into projects.

“Ontario will also introduce a new Glazing Specifications Manual. GCABC’s technical committee is currently reviewing a draft version of the new manual.

“A new GCABC website will launch in the fall.” -end-

From left: recipient Gino Ferri of Edmonton, presenter Corinne Golding and recipient Keith Pynoo of Calgary.

Keith Pynoo, past president of the Canadian Glass Association (CGA), was presented with a Construction Specification Canada (CSC) 30 year award for longevity and continued support of the association. The award is presented annually.

CSC describes the award: “As an Association, Construction Specification Canada is only as strong as its
membership. Long-time members are also, more often than not, long-time supporters of CSC’s goals and long-time volunteers that help keep things working. Consequently, these members were recognized for their dedication and duration to CSC.” -end-

Dolaine Veldhuis from the Glass Trades Association (GTA) in Alberta reports that, “The Glass Trades Association of Northern Alberta held its first meeting of its 2007-08 year. On September 17, 2007, Paul Heyens of Alberta Glass Company in Calgary gave a presentation describing the company’s work on the Muttart Conservatory project in Edmonton. This was very interesting and informative.

“New members are welcome to join the GTA. Contact Joe Millard at Bahry’s Glass at (780) 483-1976, or visit the GTA website – – for news and events, including dates of upcoming meetings and issues affecting the glass trades industry.” -end-

Do you want a glass trade show?
This is what the board of directors for the Ontario Glass and Metal Association (OGMA) is asking, and it is seeking the input of the Canadian glass industry at large.

The OGMA has already polled its members and the association is contemplating hosting a show in Toronto in June 2009 in conjunction with the Canadian Glass Association (CGA).

However, the associations do not want to go into this blindly. If it is going to put on an event, it wants to get the support of both exhibiting companies and potential attendees. As such, it is asking the industry whether or not there should be a national glass trade show in Canada?

The OGMA invites readers of Glass Canada magazine to send their opinions and suggestions to Dieter Ringler of Oakville Glass and Mirror, (905) 827-2951 or -end-

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