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Birds unfriendly – IGMA Summer Conference social event to feature Angry Birds theme

July 19, 2018  By Patrick Flannery

The insulating glass industry is a fantastic industry to give the world outside views without allowing outside weather or temperatures to enter the building envelope. But sometimes, things can go completely wrong that ruins that experience for customers.

When that happens, everyone gets angry: the customer, the installer, the manufacturer, the architect, etc. To acknowledge that bad units brings about a little anger, IGMA has named Angry Birds as its theme for this year’s Summer Conference. The video game that swept the world in the past five years that features bad construction, total destruction and yes, anger, will play into our dinner so that you, one of the quality companies in the industry, can be a little angry when things go wrong. We have fun ways for you to let out your anger during this dinner, which is always a fun networking event each year.

So bring yourAngry Birds attire(which bird is your favorite?), your best destruction skills, and your righteous anger to dinner, and we will handle the rest!

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