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Bird protection – thought big

October 27, 2021  By sedak

Photo: Kjersti Joergensen (Kjorgen, Dreamstime)

Large-area glazing on buildings – regardless of how heavily structured it is – brings with it the risk of not being seen by birds. Reflections of trees or particular lighting conditions cause danger for birds as they have only limited spatial vision. Therefore, there are various solutions on the market designed to reduce bird collisions. The basis of the idea is to make the glazing recognizable for birds without having too much negative effect on the view through the glass.

Now sedak has managed to achieve optimal collision protection (efficiency: collisions reduced to ten percent) whilst printing less than two percent of the glass area. The glass processing company has thereby achieved two new records: no other bird-protection glass needs so little printed area for its protective effect; at the same time it achieves a higher level of protection (defined according to norm ONR 1040) than the alternative concepts. This has been confirmed by a scientific analysis performed by the internationally recognized institute “Collision Laboratories” (Hohenau-Ringelsdorf / Austria), which specializes in bird protection.

The scratch and UV-resistant patterns are put onto the glass using digital printing. When it is further processed into laminated panes, the printing is on the outside (POS1). Thus insulation and safety glass with highly effective bird protection can be created up to a format of 3.60 x 20 meters.

Aesthetically pleasing and variable through digital printing


Depending on customer requirements, two variants are available: dots or squares, arranged in a homogenous grid. An optically different but equally effective alternative is offered by sedak: printing with precious metal colors. The printed image and color tone have a discreet, elegant and aesthetic appearance. The printing is thus also ideally suited to sophisticated architectural design. As a specialist for glass in extralarge formats, the production expertise is already available at sedak: ceramic printing up to the maximum size is a mature technology here. The trend towards more transparent architecture with a high percentage of glass is now realizable in sophisticated and aesthetic variants with a particularly high level of protection for birds.


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