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Bendheim partners with Langle for decorative rainscreen systems

December 2, 2014  By Bendheim Wall Systems

Dec. 2, 2014  – Bendheim Wall Systems, Inc. has partnered with Längle of Austria to introduce first-of-their-kind decorative glass rainscreen systems. The dependable, fully tested systems can completely change the look of a building while offering a range of functional benefits for new and retrofit construction, including bird-friendly decorative glass options. 

Bendheim’s history of joining forces with design industry leaders continues with the Längle partnership, drawing on the strength of more than 200 years of collective architectural glass experience. Bendheim and Längle’s knowledge of decorative glass, engineering, and wall systems expertise have produced systems to envelop buildings or create interior walls of beautiful glass, held in place with precision engineered Austrian compression glass fittings.  
The new rainscreen systems surpassed the ASTM and AAMA test requirements for water penetration, pressure equalization, air leakage, and structural performance. Unlike other systems, the compression fittings require no cut-outs or holes in the glass, affording superior wall strength and low fabrication costs. In addition to offering easy setup and patented quick assembly methods, they can be installed faster than analogous products, resulting in significant labor cost savings.  Also unique to the system, individual glass panels can be quickly and easily replaced without having to deglaze surrounding panels (click here for video demonstration).
Bendheim offers tempered and 100% heat soak tested or laminated safety architectural glass for rainscreen applications in arange of decorative options, including fritted and etched. The result is a one-of-a-kind solution to prevent water infiltration and improve the building’s aesthetics.  Translucent glass varieties designed to the guidelines of the American Bird Conservancy allow the building to maintain its daylighting capacity while facilitating bird-friendly architecture.
“These decorative and robust glass rainscreens will enable contractors to provide beautiful interior wall claddings and aesthetically pleasing, highly functional glass facades to preserve and protect buildings,” said Robert Jayson, President of Bendheim. “Our rainscreen systems offer highly effective ways to assure the health and longevity of the building while reducing future maintenance requirements.”
Bendheim’s glass rainscreen systems transform and weather-proof buildings across the entire range of commercial, institutional, industrial, and multi-family residential applications, including low- and high-rises, sports venues, and transportation and parking structures. Other applications include windscreens, privacy screens, solar shading, photovoltaic towers, and roof structures, as well as interior wall cladding and feature walls with back-lighting design options.
In addition to enhancing new construction, Bendheim Wall Systems decorative glass rainscreens present a fast, cost-effective and environmentally mindful option for facade restoration and protection, bringing new life to old buildings. Installation of the rainscreen systems creates virtually no disruption in the daily life of building occupants.

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