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ASTM calls for strength data of ceramic enamel glass

January 14, 2019  By IGMA

Jan. 14, 2019 – For several years there have been questions raised in the industry about the strength of ceramic enamel (frit) coated glasses. The ASTM committee that oversees the current document on glass strength (ASTM E1300) is working to revise the standard to include provisions for addressing the strength of ceramic enameled glasses. The plan is to define a maximum stress approach for evaluating ceramic enamel coated glasses. The ASTM work item for this effort is WK65259, and is led by John Smith, of Glass Coatings & Concepts, LLC.

The group needs as much data as possible to best support the full definition of the maximum stress design approach. The call is for experimenters and investigators to share published or unpublished strength data with the ASTM working group. The data will be held in confidence and only be used to develop an aggregate understanding of the strength of ceramic enamel coated glass. If possible, please provide the following:

  • failure stress
  • residual compression surface stress (GASP reading)
  • method of test (4 point bending, ring-on-ring, etc.)
  • time to failure
  • fracture mirror radii (if available)

Data can be submitted directly to John Smith at


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