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AGNORA installs largest ceramic ink digital glass printer in the Americas

September 16, 2015  By AGNORA

Sept. 16, 2015 – AGNORA is providing architects with another tool to realize their dreams and enhance the aesthetics of their architectural glass designs. AGNORA has installed the largest ceramic ink digital glass printer in North and South America.

The Dip-Tech AR8000W prints ceramic ink directly on the surface of glass up to 130” x 300”; (3.3m x 7.6m). In the tempering oven the printed image is then fused permanently to the glass. Printed glass can also be laminated and insulated, providing architects with a wide range of creative and structural design options.

Printed glass can save energy, diminish glare and solar heat gain to increase occupant comfort, reduce bird collisions and provide enhanced traction slip resistance. Applications include building entrance canopies, balustrades, stairs and walkways, skylights and building facades.

AGNORA extensively researched decorative glass options before deciding on the industry’s popular Dip-Tech pioneering glass printing technology. Owner Richard Wilson is excited about the new printer’s reception. “Customers have been quick to engage oversize glass printing. They are marrying the printer’s wide range of colors, accuracy and repeatability with the design freedom and ‘wow-factor’ of building with big glass.”


Digitally printing ceramic ink in-glass can:
• convey photorealistic designs,
• provide privacy and opacity control,
• produce ‘double sided’ images
• Imitate the look of overall or pattern acid etched glass for oversized interior and exterior applications.

“Our Team is very proud of our new Dip-Tech jumbo printer,” Wilson continued. “This addition to our toolbox enhances AGNORA’s abilities to custom-fabricate the largest glass in North America and to continue providing industry-leading Customer Service.”

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