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AGMT seeking industry input

December 6, 2022  By Architectural Glass and Metal Technician Program

You can again play a very important role in an industry-changing initiative, the improvement of the Architectural Glass and Metal Technician (AGMT) Certification Program, by filling out an important survey now.

Since its launch in 2019 the AGMT Program has certified more than 1,200 glaziers across the US and Canada, and feedback from candidates who have become certified have said that the exam process is as “real-world” as it can get. Much of the reason for that is owed to the countless number of volunteers who responded to AGMT’s initial Validation Survey.  The Validation Survey helped determine the level of importance of tasks that a glazier performs, and how frequently they’re performed.  That input then helped inform decisions leading to the makeup of the exam in use today.  If you were involved in that initial Validation Survey, Thank You!  We invite you to participate again in an updated version of the Validation Survey.

In October of this year a select group of industry experts (many of whom sit on the AGMT Certification Committee) met to discuss aspects of the industry that may have had an impact on the job that a glazier does, and in turn impact the AGMT Exam. As a result of that meeting the initial Validation Survey has been updated to better align with industry changes and advances in technology & installation practices, and we would like to again hear from the industry on the importance and frequency of tasks that a glazier performs.

Input on this survey from a large number of industry professionals is absolutely vital to the program’s continued success. We are asking for your expertise and no more than 20 minutes of your time to complete the survey. The survey will be open through January 5th, 2023.


Please don’t hesitate to forward the link to others within your company or organization, or to industry personnel outside your company or organization. The more responses we receive the more accurate the exam is.

Take the survey here.

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